Produce fresh from the market.

Our produce manager leaves at 3:30a.m. to go to the Dallas Wholesale Market to personally select our produce from all over the world. This assures us of not only having the best quality, but the freshest produce available. We pride ourselves on being the best, not the biggest.

Our suppliers are among the worlds largest. We carry many great products such as Driscoll berries, Pecos and Rocky Ford cantaloupes, Hass avocados, Holland peppers, Nature Sweet tomatoes, baby vegetables, and our own fresh squeezed orange juice. We carry all the sweet onions, Georgia Vidalia, Texas 1015, Peru Mayan Sweets, Hawaiian Maui, and Washington Walla Walla.

Produce fresh from the farm.

vegetables1We buy many products fresh from our local farmers while they are in season. Some of our farmers have been selling to us for over 20 years and many deliver directly to our store. They are located throughout Texas.

These products include squashes, vine ripe tomatoes, Hot House tomatoes, asparagus, okra, onions, peaches, cantaloupes, melons, and fresh-shelled peas.

Custom Baskets “The Perfect Gift”


We custom design a wide variety of baskets for any occasion. They may contain fruit, wine, crackers, cheese, gourmet items, and candy among other products. They can be created to meet your specific needs and priced from $20.

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